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Remontes y pistas abiertos. Pista Trucha abierta parcial, acceso por Tq Zayas, salida a pie (200m) por Collado de la Laguna. Es obligatorio el uso de mascarilla en los telecabinas.

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Guide for beginners

Guide to getting started in the snow. Safety tips and how to avoid accidents.

Before arriving
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Going to slopes
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Telesillas Descripción

  • The use of warm and waterproof clothing and footwear is recommended. It is best to dress in layers so that you can easily adapt to temperature changes. The air between the garments is the best insulator.
  • It is important to remember to wear the three Gs: gloves, glasses, hat. If you are going skiing or snowboarding, just like in other sports such as cycling, a helmet is the right thing to do.
  • Recently, the use of other protections such as back protections is spreading. Indeed, speed and the existence of obstacles make it advisable to protect yourself well.
  • While enjoying the snow, it is sometimes forgotten that we are exposed to dangerous ultraviolet rays. We should protect ourselves with a cream of at least factor 30.
  • Cold often conceals the feeling of thirst, but for muscles to function well, you have to stay well hydrated.

  • You have to acquire the capabilities progressively from the easiest to the most difficult.
  • Green: Very Easy. For beginners.
  • Blue: Easy. Level Medium. Parallel skiers.
  • Red: Difficult. Good skiers or snowboarders.
  • Black: Very difficult. Experts.
  • Snow conditions and weather can accentuate the difficulty. Know your limitations and becautious.

  • Do not ski or snowboard off-piste, or enter enclosed areas.
  • Do not approach the track edges, to avoid leaving unexpectedly.
  • For the same reason, it is advisable to depart from windshields, cannons, pylons or other obstacles.
  • Wear well-prepared skis and boards (edges, sole, bindings). A little material maintenance ensures greater pleasure and control.

  • In the Sierra Nevada, areas are prepared to glide with roscos or sleds within a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Do not leave pedestrian-ready areas or walk on the ski slopes. There is a risk of collision with skiers.
  • Sliding with shovels or plastics or in areas not controlled by the Station is very dangerous. Access to gondola lifts with sleds, shovels or plastics is prohibited.

  • Experience says that accidents occasionally occur in the snow.
  • All ski passes include Mandatory Traveler's Insurance. You are also guaranteed rescue on the slopes and transfer to the nearest health center (Pradollano).

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