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The internal regulations of ATUDEM, an association that includes the vast majority of Spanish resorts, consider the ski area of a resort to be the area accessed by its lifts, within which skiing is possible to return by gravity to the base of the resort or to another lift.

Classification of the ski area

The ski area is divided into

1.1. Piste area: this comprises all the slopes, i.e. the prepared and possibly groomed routes, reserved for skiing, snowboarding and other authorised activities. Skiing may only take place on slopes that have been previously opened by the resort.

1.2. Itineraries: These are understood to be those routes, not prepared or prepared by the resort, suitable only for expert skiers. They are considered to be assimilated to the "off-piste" area. The itinerary is run under the sole responsibility of the skier or his instructor or guide. The resort will open and close the itineraries based solely on the presence or absence of snow, which will remain in its natural state as long as it is not treated. Before entering a route, skiers must inform themselves of the risk of avalanches reported by the resort.

1.3. Off-piste area: This is an area which is not supervised by the resort and is not the responsibility of the resort, even though it is within its skiable area.

Although the resort may give general information about the weather or avalanche dangers, off-piste skiers are responsible for their own behaviour or that of their instructor or guide, as this is an area that is not marked out or protected from the dangers of the mountain.

Areas that are not groomed or marked out between the slopes or on the edges of the slopes are considered to be "off-piste" areas.

Classification of pistes.

Slopes are classified according to their level of difficulty, in the following categories:

2.1. Very easy slope, or beginners' slope: its longitudinal and transversal slope may not exceed 15% gradient, with the exception of short sections, and shall be marked green.

2.2. Easy or intermediate slope: its longitudinal and transversal slope shall not exceed 25%, except for short sections, and shall be marked blue.

2.3. Difficult track: its longitudinal and transverse gradient shall not exceed 40%, with the exception of short sections, and shall be marked red.

2.4. Very difficult runway: runways exceeding the maximum values indicated for difficult or red runways shall be marked black.

Slopes of extreme difficulty may optionally be marked with two black diamonds.

The classification of pistes according to their degree of difficulty is based on topographical criteria, so the user must bear in mind that weather conditions or the state of the snow may increase the difficulty.


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